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A Future

Without Fear

It starts with prejudice.  It starts with stereotyping. It starts with othering.  Because we are young, we take it in. We feel it all. We are labeled troublemakers, bad influences, loiterers, thieves, threats. We are harassed. We are ignored. We are disproportionately punished by the systems that should teach and protect us. And yet, these are our systems. And that means we can change them. Raising Justice brings together youth and policymakers to build a more just society for all.

Every day in America, our police, courts and schools, unjustly single out young people, specifically those of color,  for punishment, detention, and incarceration.


of incarcerated youth are youth of color, even though they are only 1/3 the youth population


of all youth do not trust the police at all


black youth are more likely to be detained as their white peers

Raising Justice challenges the systemic oppression that denies young people their right to basic public safety.

Policy & Advocacy


We partner with communities and government agencies to create the future of public safety policy and legislation.

Public Safety Training

We redefine safety based on the needs of young people and negotiate accountability between local communities and police.

Grassroots Organizing


We elevate, amplify, and focus the voices of young people in communities most impacted to create the change they are seeking.

We are youth-founded, youth-run, and youth-focused.

Two teenagers. Two Portlands. Two kinds of justice. Our founders Taji Chesimet and Britt Masback each saw a system that was failing young people. Taji saw a prejudice rife with false narratives about who he was and who he could become. Britt saw a system entrenched in white privilege. Together, they founded Youth Educating Police, spotlight on the mistreatment of young people by the Portland police, especially those of color. The mission has grown beyond educating police, and it is time for a new name that reflects the scope of our ambition. Today, we are Raising Justice.

Justice only works when it works for all of us.

Learn more about the issues


The system does not work for youth. Find out more about these issues and other organizations' work to fight back against social and racial injustice.

Get Involved

Be a part of the grassroots efforts to transform public safety through our Community Ambassador Program or engaging with dialogue to tell your story.

Partner with Us

If you’re a neighborhood, a city, a campus, or an organization and want to support, uplift, fund, or partner with us, reach out and learn how you can Raise Justice.

Contribute to Raising Justice


Support our work by giving a one-time or monthly gift. Your contribution helps fight for a public safety system built by and for the community.

5eb1dad496b7a77509cae1e3_rolling stone.p

Rolling Stone Youth Organizer Series Features Co-Founder Taji Chesimet

In the third episode of Rolling Stone’s “Youth Organizers” video series, Kimberly Aleah takes a look at Portland, Oregon and the youth-led work being done by Taji Chesimet of Raising Justice.

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