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Adérónke Adejaé

Freshman at Yale University

Adérónke Adejaé (She/Her) brings the perspective of an activist at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter and other equality-seeking movements to the Raising Justice board.  Adérónke has a history of community organizing at the local level, leading groups of young people to hold other young people and older people accountable for their actions, and working with community leaders to create change. Adérónke also lives near Philadelphia and has connections that will help Raising Justice’s expansion into this city and other cities.


Adérónke works with Raising Justice because she feels that our justice system needs to be fixed to actually help the communities it is meant to protect instead of harming them.  There needs to be a major overhaul of how our governments allocate resources to help communities and Adérónke thinks that Raising Justice is the perfect organization to push for this change.


Adérónke loves how Raising Justice was started by and is operated by youth!

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