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Alana Nayak

Policy Director

Alana (she/her) oversees all Policy-based projects, helping facilitate change within the policing and juvenile justice systems through dialogue, education, and policy work, all while elevating the voices of historically over-policed BIPOC communities.


Before joining the team, Alana clearly recognized the need to transform a criminal justice system built on institutional racism and rooted in the detention of black and brown folx. As a queer, multiracial woman from a predominantly white neighborhood, Alana came up educating her peers about the realities of racism and police brutality. Throughout her life & academic career, and through her recent work with the Multnomah Youth Commission, Alana’s been dedicated to social justice since the 6th grade.


Alana’s dream is that she will one day live in a country where public safety systems do not perpetuate systemic racism, trauma, and mass incarceration for young people.


She is currently a high school senior at St. Mary’s Academy in Portland, Oregon.

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