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Dr. Amber Nelson - Board Chair

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at George Fox University

Dr. Amber Nelson (she/her) has a strong commitment to community action. She brings with her an expertise in program development, child and adolescent development, research, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training that she hopes to utilize to support the ongoing advancement of Raising Justice’s mission and vision. She is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in pediatrics and systems consultation, and is currently full-time faculty in the Graduate School of Clinical Psychology at George Fox University, serving as their Director of Equity and Inclusion. Specifically, Amber hopes to utilize her research acumen to provide guidance and agency to the ever-evolving work of the Raising Justice training curricula.


Amber first became involved with Raising Justice after working with the founders in their development of the first training video. She was immediately impressed with their passion, vision, and committed action to not only advocate for change, but be the change they wished to see. Amber had a desire to support the work and vision of Raising Justice in any way, and has helped with research development that we hope to use in the growth of our program.


Not only is Raising Justice addressing a clear need and gap in our communities, but she loves the “for us, by us” aspect of the organization. This is truly a testament to the next generation's vision of the world and their willingness to do the hard work to see the changes they desire for their future. 

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