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Ayomide Badmus

Community Lead

Ayomide (they/she) conducts research on policies related to a variety of policing issues, including the role of School Resource Officers and the impact of restorative justice approaches. Her findings are used to guide and strengthen Raising Justice’s policy recommendations.


Ayomide was driven to join the team after experiencing the reality of over-policing in Black and brown communities. She appreciates the collaborative approach of the Raising Justice team, and she’s proud to be part of an organization where everyone is highly dedicated to their work. Coming from southeast DC—a historically over-policed area—Ayomide has witnessed police brutality and youth incarceration on a first-hand basis. Through her experiences, she has become well versed in the critical importance of police reform.


Ayomide’s biggest dream for the younger generation is that they will continue to remain heavily involved in programs and organizations who are actively working toward positive societal change. 


She is currently a freshman at the University of Chicago.

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