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Britt Masback

Co-Founder & Operations Director

Britt (he/him) directs the operational and philanthropic goals of the organization, managing donors, coordinating marketing campaigns and identifying new strategic partners. He also oversees all training and education work, advocating for advanced community training programs across all partner cities. 


Britt sees Raising Justice as a vehicle for completely reimagining how young people engage with systems of power, and he believes the organization can provide a replicable and scalable model for community intervention. As someone who approaches this work from a place of privilege, Britt holds a strong moral conviction that everyone needs to use their platform to start difficult conversations, pushing those in power toward change.


Britt’s dream is a future in which all youth are able to pursue their passions unhindered by fear of police violence, school inequity and other societal pressures. 


He is currently a freshman at Princeton University.

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