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Coco-Chanel Quaye

Communications Director

Coco-Chanel (she/her) manages Raising Justice’s social media and marketing efforts in addition to sharing program updates with the media and local communities.


Coco-Chanel joined the team to drive change within the policing system, and ultimately to protect her peers from living with the same fear of police she grew up with. She has always sought to interrogate and amplify injustices within systems of public safety—her eyes were first opened to the possibility of systemic change when she attended a human rights program at her school. During the course of this program, she researched police brutality on a national level and presented a narrative on the major faults in the criminal justice system.


Coco-Chanel's dream is for young Black people to grow up in a world free from constant threats of harm and harassment.


She is currently a high school senior at De La Salle North Catholic School in Portland, Oregon.

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