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Raising Justice mobilizes the communities most impacted by over-policing. 

Community Ambassador Program


Raising Justice  invites young people to reimagine and rebuild the very systems that are failing them. Through the Community Ambassador program we empower youth through leadership development, issue awareness education and other tools enabling them successfully advocate on their behalf. And for their communities.

Dialogue & Storytelling


Raising Justice brings together young people, community members, and police officers to question, critique, workshop, and co-create safer public spaces. 


We facilitate conversations that make a difference. Our police trainings are one example of this. Our work in schools is another. In 2019, with student voices at the table, Raising Justice presented the history of School Resource Officers and examined the problematic pieces of the intergovernmental agreements. With this background, in this forum, we uplifted student and faculty voices and we are currently advocating for the removal of SROs from East County schools and sparking the implementation of restorative alternatives.

Coming Soon: Community Ambassador Toolkit 

The Ambassador Toolkits are an online portal that includes a mix of documents, articles and activities that introduce youth to our model, some of the policy demands we are bringing forward, and strategies for how best to approach their own work. This last part around implementation is broken down into tips for broaching conversations and holding space for community dialogue, developing and shaping local policy recommendations, and actually facilitating effective conversation with Police, City, and County leadership.

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