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Marcia Perez — Vice Chair

Behavioral Health Consultant for MESD

Marcia Perez's (she/her) experience in juvenile justice, community corrections and police oversight strongly demonstrates her community advocacy. She is a change agent whose passion is serving communities impacted by the criminal justice system. Marcia’s commitment to her work comes from her lived experience and a strong desire for people of all communities to have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. She strives to serve by building collaborative partnerships with community stakeholders and engaging community members who are most impacted by policy outcomes.


As a proud Latina and first generation college graduate, Marcia is motivated to inspire younger generations and blaze a path for others to follow. Marcia first learned of Raising Justice in 2019 as she ventured into a new career path. She’s inspired by their work and wants to help elevate the voices of youth from all walks of life and in systems that often lack youth perspectives and excuse their experiences.


One of the things Marcia admires about Raising Justice is their strong dedication to transforming the world of policing by uplifting the voices of young people.

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