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Nico Emmanuel-Henderson

Communications Director

Nico (He/Him) maintains Raising Justice’s social media presence and manages all internal and external communication, including advertising, marketing, and media relations.


Nico joined the team because he is passionate about equity in public safety. As a person of color, he has experienced countless acts of violence, unnecessary detentions, and senseless aggression at the hands of the police. Previously, he served as an advisory board chair for his county’s juvenile court. In this role, he worked with a coalition of fellow teenagers to determine alternative sentencing options for non-violent offenders. He hopes to continue making young people feel welcome in their communities by tackling the inequities that exist in policing across the country.


Nico’s dream is that restorative justice will become the new normal in the United States and abroad, ensuring generations after him can live in a world where they have access to the public safety resources that they deserve.


Nico is currently a freshman at the University of Chicago.

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