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Rayna Acha

Dialogue Coordinator

Rayna (she/her) is responsible for coordinating outreach to youth in Chicago, Philadelphia and other target cities to make sure Raising Justice is uplifting the stories and perspectives of those most impacted by criminal justice. She gathers and amplifies the stories of young people across Raising Justice’s website and social platforms.


Before joining the team, Rayna was already working to remove School Resource Officers in her hometown of Minneapolis. In the summer of 2020, as her city went through an uprising, she decided to join a like-minded organization and found Raising Justice. She loves seeing the team innovate ways to work together and communicate, despite being spread out across the country. She’s also works as an activist and advocate, running an extracurricular feminist club at her former middle school and working as a sex educator. Collaborating with other young people is something she will always be passionate about.


Rayna’s dream is for young people to live in a country where they no longer fear militarized police in their schools and outside their homes. 


She is currently a freshman at the University of Chicago.

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