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Shanice Clarke

Director of Community Engagement at Portland Public Schools

Shanice Brittany Clarke (she/they) is the product of a working-class Jamaican family. Shanice’s experience in youth and community organizing advances our ability to participate in the policy change in decision-making that impacts our day-to-day lives, sense of belonging, safety, and security. She received a B.A. in Human Services, and a M.A. in Student Affairs from the University of Northern Colorado. Though personal experience with the school-to-prison-pipeline being pushed out of high school, her passion to collectively transform public agencies was born. 


Shanice first learned of Raising Justice when organizing youth to reimagine the design and role of the School Resource Officer Program in 2019. She believes young people need the agency to build power and to drastically transform public safety in organizations that are truly youth-led, and youth-staffed.


One of the things Shanice admires about Raising Justice is their dedication to centering the priorities, demands, and experiences of youth organizers in work to resist the current state of law enforcement. 

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