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Stephen Brooks 

Principal at Pilot Management Resources LLC

Steven Brooks (he/him) has a broad range of skills and experience, which he intends to use to help Raising Justice successfully grow. Steve was trained as a tax attorney; for several years as a practicing attorney he represented charities and foundations. He also has extensive backgrounds in community and economic development and strategic planning. And perhaps most relevant, since 1999 Steve has run the Charitable Partnership Fund, a non profit dedicated to enhancing philanthropic activity by incubating charitable programs nationwide.


Steve had an affinity for Raising Justice’s goals, and was impressed by the founder’s commitment and willingness to do the hard work to build a successful organization. Steve saw the continuing need for Raising Justice’s work, and wanted to help Raising Justice achieve its vision for building positive connections between youth and police, and creating a model for collective community intervention.


Steve loves Raising Justice’s founders’ willingness to learn the “mundane” processes around non-profit management, while staying focused on the real goal of supporting and improving the community they serve.

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