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Introducing the Storytelling Project: young people sharing their experiences with policing


I hope that doors aren’t kicked in on little kids whose parents are just trying make ends meet, I hope that if a black child does go missing, that all the manpower in the world is put in to find them. I hope that if the police stay around, that reform is mandatory, is not an option, but it is that something that needs to be done and will be done.


Zaire Adams
Los Angeles, CA

I remember looking up when I was on the ground and seeing one of the cops standing directly over me with a gun pointed right at my face. That’s something I will never forget. This was a pivotal moment for me. I thought for the first time: who’s supposed to protect me from this?


Sahara Jama
Minneapolis, MN

Young people should not be incarcerated, young people should not have records, we should be taking care of our young people in this country. We don’t do that, especially BIPOC youth, especially lower income youth.


Taji Chesimet
Portland, OR
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