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Taji Chesimet

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Taji (he/him) is responsible for overseeing the operations and programs of Raising Justice. He ensures ongoing local and national programmatic excellence and rigorous program evaluation while also managing finances, general administration, fundraising, and communications. He also leads, coaches, and develops Raising Justice’s staff and principal partners, including the Board of Directors and Community Ambassadors across all three target cities. 


Taji’s early experiences with law enforcement led him to interrogate the inherent biases, racism, and punitive methodologies that harm the lives and dreams of young people of color. Raising Justice’s community-driven, intersectional, and youth-led perspective is a much-needed voice in a country that incarcerates one fourth of the world’s prisoners.


Taji’s dream is a future cultivated by safety, racial equity, and systems of government that work for all of us—not just for some of us.


He is currently a freshman at the University of Chicago.

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