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When we dismantle racial, generational, and class injustice and create safe public spaces, young people feel welcome, safe, and treasured. 

Change has to come from three places: all of our major initiatives work together to make a powerful and effective whole.

Policy & Advocacy

Public Safety Training

Grassroots Organizing

Raising Justice is proving that youth-led systemic change can happen.


Community members engaged in dialogue at Police Peace PDX Forums to identify harm and craft solutions to our system of policing.


Officers of the Portland Police Bureau received our first-of-its-kind training shaping a safer future for youth-police relations.


Students no longer have police in their schools enforcing crime culture in a setting meant to nurture, teach, and protect children.

Raising Justice is proving that young people deserve a seat at the table.


Police-Youth Conversations Begin

Youth worked with THE CENTER, a Portland-based community hub, to start Police Peace PDX.


Youth Educating Police is Founded

Presented a model for public safety training at the Training Advisory Council; received Catalyst Grant from United Way.


New Model of Training is Launched

YEP brought together police with community and young people to create connection and dialogue around policing.


Police Training Implemented

We gathered community and professional stakeholders  to inform the final curriculum and implemented it across the Portland Police Bureau.


YEP Becomes Raising Justice

With teams in five cities and a growing mission to create substantial national policy change, we became Raising Justice.

I fully anticipate this becoming a national model for policing in the United States. The work YEP is doing can and will be replicated across the country. 


Danielle Outlaw, Former Chief of Police, Portland; Police Commissioner, Philadelphia Police


I have never seen a team more driven, with so much compassion and ability to connect with youth. With an understanding of how to navigate bureaucratic systems, develop policy, and meet with people at all levels, with such ease and grace. I’m certain they will create a dynamic ripple effect of positive change in every community that they work with.

Alayna Windham

Student Coordinator, Gresham-Barlow School District


Raising Justice stands out from others because this youth-run group is doing the essential work of bridging divides between law enforcement and young people to improve outcomes for all sides.

Jared Hager
United States Attorney
U.S. Department of Justice


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